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ConstructionSkills is the Sector Skills Council for construction. We represent every part of the construction industry, from architects to bricklayers, in every part of the UK. And we cover every part of the skills agenda - from grants to college places. We understand what the industry wants and needs; we tell that directly to government, and we have the power to get things done.
About us
What is a sector skills council? Man in a hard hat
Sector Skills Councils are independent, employer-led organisations responsible for tackling the skills and productivity needs of their industry sectors UK-wide, and have been set up to decide how training is delivered and funded in the UK.
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About ConstructionSkills Two men
ConstructionSkills is a partnership between CITB-ConstructionSkills, the Construction Industry Council and CITB Northern Ireland that covers the whole industry, the whole of the UK, and all of the issues that the industry faces.
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The Business Plan Man in a hard hat
The business plan sets ConstructionSkills' vision and priorities for actions over the next five years 2007-2011.

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