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ConstructionSkills Business Plan

ConstructionSkills Business Plan 2007 -2011


Welcome to the ConstructionSkills Business Plan. The purpose of the Plan is to set the vision and priorities for action over the next five years 2007-2011.

As a Sector Skills Council, ConstructionSkills has a remit to be the means by which employers can influence the supply of education and training and business support across the UK in order to:

  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Address skills gaps and shortages
  • Give its workforce greater opportunities for training and development
  • Supported by more responsive education and training provision

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Business and economic Environment:

Did you know that the construction industry generates about 8% of the UK’s economic output and employs over 2 million workers? Find out what our industry looks like, who it involves, what are the key drivers and our future skills needs.

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Sector Skills Agreement:

How do we achieve “a fully skilled and professional UK construction industry working safely and delivering value.” This section demonstrates how we have identified our priority areas and developed innovative solutions to tackle them.

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Intro to the Business plans:

We have developed a Sector Skills Agreement through extensive consultation with employers and employees, and subsequently business plans, which identify priority areas for short, medium and long-term actions.

The business plans fall into two groups. The first group summarises the plans from a geographical perspective, the second group consists of the plans that cover our major areas of activity.

The plans detail how we will deliver our promise to industry, and our coverage of everyone working in the industry, from the professional to the spectrum of trade occupations and across the whole of the UK.

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The Partnership:

ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry, is a partnership that delivers truly UK-wide policies and strategies that take account of the full breadth of the industry and its training, education and development needs.

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