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What is ConstructionSkills doing for construction professionals?
The views of architects, engineers, QSs, project managers, town planners and related disciplines are represented within ConstructionSkills

We’re striving to ensure that the voices of professionals like you are heard whether you are a student, in your early career or in practice as an employer . We want to see real benefits for you and your business so that our industry can meet the challenges ahead.

We are involved with a whole range of concerns raised by graduates and people in professional practice. Current issues being addressed include work and project based learning, improving training provision and early career development and getting a better match between current practice and degree programmes.
Get involved and help to shape your future!
If you’d like to be kept informed on developments, would like to share your views or would like to get more actively involved in your region then please enter your details below:

(Please note that any information you provide will be treated as confidential and will only be seen by ConstructionSkills staff involved with this work. It will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent or otherwise in accordance with legal obligations.)
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Q14 Please select any recent ConstructionSkills initiatives which you know about:
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Construction Skills Network
Inspire Scholarship Scheme
Positive Image Campaign
Construction Ambassadors scheme
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National Construction Week
Careers promotion in schools
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