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You may have seen some of our campaigns at work. We use a number of different techniques to communicate our messages ranging from advertising and public relations to events and direct mail.

The starting point for all our campaigns is 'what are we trying to achieve with our activity?' These campaign overviews will give you an insight into the background of our key campaigns, and our approach for addressing some of the challenges both we and the industry are facing.
Positive Image Builder with helmet
ConstructionSkills' latest advertising campaign aimed at attracting quality recruits by boosting the image of the industry was launched on the 11th April on the high street, TV and the internet.
Find out more about positive image campaign
Training Campaign Three people
The Training Campaign is an integrated marketing campaign consisting of direct marketing, PR and advertising. It promotes the benefits of adopting a training culture and outlines how ConstructionSkills can help employers get their staff qualified through the services offered by CITB-ConstructionSkills and CITB Grant.
Find out more about the Training campaign
National Construction Week Man on roof
This nationwide campaign is designed to promote today's construction industry to young people and to give them the chance to experience the varied and exciting career opportunities in this field.
Find out more about National Construction Week
Health and Safety Two people
The theme of this year's Health and Safety campaign is 'small things can have significant consequences'. The campaign is intentionally focussing on issues such as downtime, increased insurance premiums, loss of reputation or damages for late completion.
Find out more about Health & Safety
Apprenticeships Campaign Three people
To complement the work of our Managing Agency business area and Area Office network, we have produced an employer newsletter, packed full of news and information about construction apprenticeships.
Find out more about the apprenticeship campaign
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