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Health & Safety

Why does the industry need a health and safety campaign?

Despite improvements in health and safety in construction over the past few years, building sites are still dangerous places to work. A significant change in culture and behaviour in the industry is needed if health and safety is to be embraced on all sites at all levels and people appreciate that it isn’t just about big accidents and major disasters, but that small things can also have far reaching and major consequences.

How does the health and safety campaign provide a solution?

The theme of the campaign is ‘small things can have significant consequences’. For example, someone tripping over a cable leading to a loss in reputation. These sorts of smaller incidents featured within the campaign are more familiar and relevant to the majority of firms within the industry, as should be the consequences – the campaign is intentionally focussing on issues such as downtime, increased insurance premiums, loss of reputation or damages for late completion.

As well as raising awareness of the dangers of the industry, the campaign will also help firms overcome them by directing them to simple solutions available from CITB-ConstructionSkills, from publications and NCC courses through to the Health and Safety Test and general advice on training and qualifications.

The campaign will position CITB-ConstructionSkills as an influencer, a facilitator and a solution-provider in the area of health and safety, through a variety of media including advertising, PR, events and direct marketing.

Health and safety is a hot issue in the industry currently, with the chairmen and chief executives of key employers coming together to discuss the issue at the HSE Construction Summit which took place on 24th February. The communications will also link in with the launch and roll-out of the revised Construction Health and Safety Test which goes live on 4 April.

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