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Positive Image

Latest Campaign Successfully Helps to Boost Industry Image

ConstructionSkills’ latest advertising campaign, aimed at attracting quality recruits by boosting the image of the industry, ran from 11 April to 10 May on the high street, TV and the Internet.

The advertising campaign launched earlier than usual with a refreshed version of 2004’s successful TV advertising. Posters were placed in the changing room of girls’ clothes retailers Miss Selfridge, Pilot and New Look in a bid to attract more women into the industry.

The advert had a new distinctive voiceover from T4 presenter June Sarpong to reach young women without alienating young men. View the advert by clicking on the image below (4.4 MB MPEG file):

Still from the TV advert that links to the MPEG download file.

The earlier push was designed to allow young people immediately interested in a career in the construction industry the opportunity to still apply for either a university place, Apprenticeship or to make the relevant school and college subject choices.

Further campaign activity will occur later in the year with a separate push in October to reinforce the variety of opportunities that construction offers and will include:

Using education activities that are currently being carried out in area offices to highlight Positive Image through PR

Online partnerships with three key youth lifestyle sites, online banner advertising and viral advertising using an animated game

SMS texting to young people on the day they receive their GCSE or A Level results to direct them to

Postcards in schools and cinemas which encourage young people to visit the dedicated construction careers website

The campaign built on last year’s successes which saw the number of young people accessing our careers website increase fourfold from 10,000 per month – to over 40,000.

Graph showing statistics for over the campaign period.

Peaks in web site traffic correlate directly to Positive Image activity in August and September 2004; and April and May 2005 respectively.

In 2004, 1,800 text messages were received in response to the ads and this year the figure almost doubled to just under 3,500.

Independent research shows further improvements in attitudes towards a career in construction. Ad aware respondents have more positive attitudes towards the suitability of the industry for women and believe a career in construction would be enjoyable. Plans are underway to build on the success of 2005 with a concerted campaign in early 2006.

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