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Training Campaign Kicks off

Well trained construction workers are safer, better skilled, work faster and make fewer mistakes. They are better motivated, effective and efficient too.

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Kicking off in July 2005 ConstructionSkills is spreading the word and engaging construction employers across the whole of the UK through the 2005 Training Campaign in order to keep the skills and productivity levels high in the industry.

The Training Campaign is an integrated marketing campaign consisting of direct marketing, PR and advertising. It demonstrates the benefits of construction firms adopting a training culture and signposts ConstructionSkills as the organisation helping to improve the training and skills infrastructure in construction throughout the UK.

This year’s Training Campaign builds on last years successful campaign activity which promoted training to the small end of the construction industry, using the same creative treatment of football.

All construction business’s will benefit from adopting a training culture, so this year the campaign is reaching the whole of the industry - small to large, craft to professional.

The campaign kicked off in July and will run into the first quarter of 2006 including the following activities:

CITB-ConstructionSkills Grant Mailing

This mailing went out to 69,000 CITB-ConstructionSkills registered employer detailing the 2005/2006 CITB Grants Scheme. It outlined the wealth of help available to employers and the long term business benefits of investing their team. The response rate has been fantastic with:

Almost 1800 responses

Over 1100 requests for information on CITB Grants

More than 550 requests for apprenticeship information

Over 650 requests for information on H&S

Almost 600 requests for information on Training Plans

Direct Marketing

Direct Marketing

Dispelling the myths that many construction firms hold about skills and training a direct mailing to 50,000 CITB-ConstructionSkills registered firms will take place in mid September, supplemented by some trade advertising in September and October. Respondents will contact their local area office and receive advice from Training Advisors as to the best way to improve the performance of their business through training.

Direct Marketing

Regional Advertising

Small adverts are being placed in key business and construction/engineering pages of regional press. Employers are asked the question ‘Are you putting your building company at risk?’ – with investment in skills and training they will avoid doing so. Again, respondents are directed to their local area office for advice and help.

Training Campaign Advert

More to come!

There is much more to come from the 2005 Training Campaign as activity will continue into 2006. Look out for some of the following:

Work with Intermediaries - We will be working with intermediaries, such as banks and accountants like ACAS, to ensure the correct information to small builders is displayed in their leaflets and on their websites.

Commercial Partnerships - We will forge commercial partnerships with those companies that we feel best fit our target audiences, specifically targeting SME decision makers with a comprehensive communications programme.  

Kit Bag - We will produce kit bags to be handed out to successful candidates of the construction Health and Safety Test.  This is an ideal time to give them a ‘goody bag’ with construction related items (such as a tape measure) along with literature to explain what they can do now that they have passed their test, such as an NVQ or on site assessment to gain a qualification.

Broadcast Campaign – we are considering using home improvement shows on satellite and terrestrial channels as a platform to illustrate the importance and raise awareness of proper training amongst builders, as we know these shows are watched by a wide range of people interested in renovations and property, including professionals.

Feature articles in the press - we are also looking to develop press releases, aimed primarily at regional and trade publications which will go out over the period of the campaign.

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