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Sustainable development 01/12/2005
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Sustainable development 01/12/2005

ConstructionSkills - Building a Lasting Future
1 December 2005
One Great George Street

1. Welcome from the event Chair
Peter Rogerson, Deputy Chairman,


Peter Rogerson

Annie Hall

George Martin

Chris Brown

The audience

2. What has ConstructionSkills done so far?
Peter Rogerson, Deputy Chairman, CITB-ConstructionSkills


3. The route to sustainable construction
Annie Hall, Sustainability Manager,


4. Why does UK see sustainability as important?
George Martin, Director of Sustainability, BRE and member of the Government Sustainable Procurement Taskforce


Demonstration of sustainability, a video of talking heads…why they’re engaged in the sustainability agenda, what it’s meant for them, getting the skills message across.


5. Why partners should get involved in delivering the Sustainability Action Plan
Sue Innes, Director of Sustainability & East of England Co-ordinator, Constructing Excellence


6. Why is sustainability important? Is sustainable construction do-able and profitable?
Chris Brown, Director, Igloo Regeneration Fund


7. Lunch

8. Close

Event Collatoral

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