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The right training means better results

Photograph of CITB Northern Ireland group for the Training Campaign

Well-trained construction workers are safer, better skilled, work faster and make fewer mistakes. They are better motivated, more efficient and more effective too. This is the central message of the ConstructionSkills UK Training Campaign which aims to demonstrate the benefits to construction firms of adopting a training culture.

Training leads to qualifications like NVQ’s and competency cards. Not only do these provide you with the confidence that your workers are competent professionals, but with more and more clients and contractors insisting on a fully qualified workforce they are becoming increasingly important in winning new business and essential to get you on site.

In Northern Ireland the new training campaign is helping to improve the training and skills infrastructure in construction. CITB Northern Ireland has a team of local Regional Advisers and a new Training Support Team which can help employers understand what training is right for the business and which grants can help pay for it. This year in Northern Ireland £2.24 million of grant is available to the construction industry to enhance skills.

Lesley Wallis, Director of Training Operations at CITB Northern Ireland said, “As the UK's largest industry, we need a skilled and qualified workforce. Whether you need to train your site and office staff, you want to develop your own skills, or you're looking to start a career, we can help Northern Irish construction firms to reach their goals.”

Construction employers in Northern Ireland have long participated in the Skills Development Programme through which CITB Northern Ireland Regional Advisers carry out a Skills Needs Analysis of a company’s employees and develop a training plan.

CITB Northern Ireland has also introduced the Training Co-ordinator Programme, on which employers are paid a grant to appoint an in house Training Co-ordinator for a period of two years. The programme includes a one day tailored training course to help each employer prepare a statement of training commitment and a new entrant training policy. With training being provided in a more planned way, many employees are keen to have their current skills recognised and to take advantage of further training and development.

Find out about the UK-wide ConstructionSkills Training Campaign in next month’s e-update.

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