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ConstructionSkills Professional Employer Panels

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Employer engagement is fundamental to the success of the construction Sector Skills Agreement – especially engagement with professional employers.

Therefore, CIC-ConstructionSkills is creating panels of professionals from architects to town planners to look at current skills gaps and help meet future needs.

The panels give employers the opportunity to input their concerns about shortages of suitably qualified staff and graduates, training and similar issues. CIC-ConstructionSkills chairs and organises the panels, which include representatives from all professional disciplines. The aim is to ensure that new and existing employees are equipped with the skills employers need.

Panels already exist in the North West and London; and a South East regional panel is currently being established. All the panels are made up of representatives from consultancies keen to see skills issues addressed to help improve their business prospects.

Current issues include:

  • work and project-based learning
  • improving training provision
  • getting a better match between current practice and degree programmes, and the need to increase cross-disciplinary teamwork and soft skills while at university

To find out more about ConstructionSkills’ work aimed at professionals and to get involved in the employer panels please contact

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