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Sector Skills Agreement for Northern Ireland

Artists Impression of the forthcoming Victoria Square Complex in Belfast which will house 800,000ft of retail units over 3 floors including House of Fraser and H&M alongside leisure units and apartments, due to open November 2007.

Northern Ireland: The final piece of the jigsaw is now in place for the UK Sector Skills Agreement.

The vision of a fully qualified construction industry, working innovatively to deliver maximum value has come a step closer for Northern Ireland clients as the Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) Draft Stages 1-3 document is now completed.

The SSA Draft Stages 1-3 document for Northern Ireland incorporates the feedback from employers received as a result of the consultation in late 2005. Key areas for future work have been identified as:

  • Improving business performance
  • Qualifying the existing workforce
  • Recruiting new entrants

More detail can be found in the document, which is available at or downloaded from the Sector Skills Agreement on the ConstructionSkills website.

ConstructionSkills is now focusing on stages 4 and 5 of the agreement, which involves developing solutions to address the issues highlighted during the first part of the process. ConstructionSkills in NI has identified a number of potential partners and are working on the development of solutions and action plans, which will help to achieve the goals.

This is an ideal opportunity for employers to get involved in as many of these partnerships as possible - to have their say, to give something back and to contribute to the future success of the industry in Northern Ireland.

If you want to know more about the Sector Skills Agreement in Northern Ireland or have something to say please contact Karen Hunter email:

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