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ConstructionSkills pilots a Free Undergraduate Development Programme for Placement Year Students

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ConstructionSkills pilots a Free Undergraduate Development Programme

Professional employers want their new graduate recruits to have more than technical skills. Much more!

They want to see young people from different professional disciplines able to work closely together, and demonstrating such crucial ‘soft skills’ as communication, time management and teamwork.

To help meet this need, CIC-ConstructionSkills is piloting an Undergraduate Development Programme this Autumn in the North West. Initially, just ten students will undertake the programme over eight days in October. But a similar scheme has operated successfully in Northern Ireland for the past four years, and CIC-ConstructionSkills hope to be able to expand it throughout the rest of Britain.

The course, which is free of charge, covers:

  • Health and safety in design
  • Presentation skills
  • Work and motivation
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Time management, delegation and creativity

The programme is open to undergraduate students on work placements of at least 12 weeks as part of any built environment degree. Grants are available to the undergraduates’ employers on successful completion of the programme.

For more information on the Undergraduate Development Programme, or to enquire about enrolling a placement student, please contact at CIC-ConstructionSkills (via email or telephone 0161 295 5076).

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