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Skills Update

ConstructionSkills’ new industry priorities

The Sector Skills Agreement for Construction has undergone a review to ensure its priorities meet current and future industry needs.

The review comes three years since ConstructionSkills was one of the first Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) to develop a Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) to address key skills issues in the industry.

The refreshed key themes and priorities ensure that the needs of the whole construction supply chain are taken into account and link investment in skills with overall business improvement.

The Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) will now address the following:

Recruiting Qualified New Entrants

  • Promote diversity in construction and built environment careers
  • Increase the overall number of graduate entrants and ensure more construction and built environment graduates join the industry
  • Increase opportunities for work experience, on-site practice and apprentice completions

Qualifying the Existing Workforce

  • Achieve a fully skilled, qualified and healthy workforce that operates safely
  • Assist the effective integration of migrant workers
  • Develop flexible training for specialist occupations and for new skills

Supporting Lifelong Learning

  • Develop interdisciplinary and team working on projects and via supply chains
  • Support the sustainable solutions agenda
  • Improve continuous professional development

Developing the Skills Culture and Infrastructure

  • Increase the number of employers that invest in training and development
  • Improve skills intelligence and influence training to meet demand
  • Develop the National Skills Academy for Construction in England
  • Implement the Construction Qualifications Strategy to provide skills for the future

For a copy of our ConstructionSkills Business Plan 2008-12 Strategic Overview, which outlines our plans and targets in contributing to the delivery of the SSA please email

The ConstructionSkills Open Meeting will be held on 23 April at the Vinopolis, London, SE1. The meeting will outline our plans for 2008 and show how we will deliver the Sector Skills Agreement for construction. If you are interested in attending please contact Amy Anderson at

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