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ConstructionSkills celebrates its 2007 successes

In 2007, we have worked hard to deliver a fully skilled, safe, productive and professional workforce for the UK construction industry.

Major achievements last year include the start of the National Skills Academy for Construction and the announcement by the Prime Minister that all Olympic construction sites will be National Skills Academy for Construction projects, the launch of Programme Led Apprenticeships, the increase in Inspire Scholarships to three hundred university students matched with employers, the roll out of the Professional Coaching scheme and an increase in universities using the Constructionaruim to provide on site experience for civil engineering undergraduates.

2007 also saw ConstructionSkills in Scotland’s involvement in the development of Scottish higher education life long learning courses. As well as being part of a joint partnership between Lifelong Learning UK, Asset Skills and SummitSkills to encourage highly skilled workers in Scotland to think about a career as a tutor, lecturer or trainer. Through ConstructionSkills in Wales a number of Welsh construction companies became involved in the Forum for the Built Environment, and 2007 saw an increase in the number of construction companies who were helped by Construct Wales, which is a partnership between ConstructionSkills in Wales, Constructing Excellence in Wales and the Welsh Assembly Government.

In Northern Ireland we saw the launch of the Sector Skills Agreement for Northern Ireland and the formation of a ConstructionSkills Standard and Qualification Strategic Working Group.

In addition to this, the training division of ConstructionSkills, the National Construction College, won just over £17 million in capital funding from the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to improve and redevelop the National Construction College campus in Norfolk.

Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of ConstructionSkills said, “2007 was a very successful year for us, but there are still a lot of challenges that we must face. In 2008 we will be reviewing our Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) to make sure that we meet the current and future needs of our industry.

We need to look at the construction supply chain and link investment in skills with overall business improvement. We also need to think about how we recruit qualified new entrants, qualify the existing workforce, support lifelong learning and develop the skills and culture infrastructure. These are all priorities for 2008, which we have set out in our Sector Skills Agreement.”

For a copy of our ConstructionSkills Business Plan 2008-12 Strategic Overview, which outlines our plans and targets in contributing to the delivery of the SSA please email

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