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Health and Safety Tests smash 1.5 million Barrier

1.5 million workers have now passed the industry standard ConstructionSkills Health & Safety Test. Rebekkah Taplin from Barratt Homes was the record breaking candidate and the goods news was marked by a presentation ceremony at ConstructionSkills' London offices with Rebekkah receiving £100 in vouchers.

The first test was taken in 2000 in Aberdeen, and since then much as been done to ensure sitting the test is hassle-free. It can be taken at over 150 locations, including corporate testing on-site though mobile units. The operative's test is now available in over ten different languages. It is also fully up-to-date with industry regulations, including CDM 07. Work has also been done to develop two new tests for Professionally Qualified Persons. The test is now an essential requirement for getting one of the many competence cards required to gain access to sites in the construction sector, including all Major Contractor sites.

The test also forms part of the SkillsDirect service which makes getting qualified and carded simpler and faster by integrating all the key elements into one free service, accessed through a central hotline - 0870 850 5262.

Rebekkah said: "I was impressed that so many people had taken the Test and thrilled to be the 1.5 millionth person to pass. I found the test extremely valuable, particularly in highlighting safety issues that aren't immediately obvious on a working site. It means that I am even more aware of safety when showing our customers around our projects."

Nick Fenton, managing director Barratt Kent, comments: "Health and safety is a top priority at Barratt and we are fully committed to training our construction staff to the very highest standards. We are pleased to endorse the ConstructionSkills Health and Safety Test which provides a valuable measure of competence."

Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of ConstructionSkills said of the landmark:

"Reaching the 1.5 million milestone is evidence of the effort that the whole industry is making to improve health and safety. It is a great achievement, and this is proof that we're making excellent progress. However, we, as an industry still have a long way to go, and only with support from employers will we be able to work in a fully qualified workforce in which the risk of accidents are significantly reduced. With organisations such as the MCG enforcing full compliance on-site, and systems such as SkillsDirect available to help people demonstrate their ability to work safely and prove their qualifications, there's no excuse to not sit the test."

To book a Health and Safety Test, or to find out information on getting qualified and carded call SkillsDirect on 0870 850 5262

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Nick Fenton, Managing Director, Barratt Kent, Rebekkah Taplin record breaking candidate, Barratt Homes and Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of ConstructionSkills

Nick Fenton, Managing Director, Barratt Kent, Rebekkah Taplin record breaking candidate, Barratt Homes and Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of ConstructionSkills

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