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Skills Update

New Health & Safety Guides Launched

ConstructionSkills has launched a series of advice and guidance booklets to help eliminate and reduce the risk of accident and injury for bricklayers and joiners in Northern Ireland.

This major health and safety drive, supported locally by CITB Northern Ireland and The Health and Safety Executive in Northern Ireland, will give direction to those employed within the trades so they have the knowledge to operate and maintain equipment safely and effectively in order to reduce accidents.

William McMullan, Director ConstructionSkills in Northern Ireland said, “Every construction company needs to integrate ongoing and planned health and safety training into their business. There are general health and safety risks associated with construction, but there are also issues related to specific trades with in the industry. These guidance booklets will make all employees aware of all the basic health and safety issues on site.”

A good health and safety record is everyone's business and ConstructionSkills aims to extend these guides to incorporate all trades within the industry. Training plays a crucial role in the reduction of accidents on site. Contractors and subcontractors, who invest in the correct tools for their work, should also invest in the systems and training for employees to work safely.

For a copy of the Health and Safety guides contact The Training Support Team at CITB-Northern Ireland on 028 90 825466.

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L-R Stuart Crawford, ConstructionSkills, Ken Logan HSENI, Richard Darragh, Gary McKenna, Patton Homes.

L-R Stuart Crawford, ConstructionSkills, Ken Logan HSENI, Richard Darragh, Gary McKenna, Patton Homes.

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