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Skills Update

ConstructionSkills launches BigSkills

ConstructionSkills launched a new, year-long employer campaign in January, to help our industry employers ensure they have the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time.

The BigSkills employer campaign addresses the issues that small and medium sized employers told us they are facing through our consultation process.

These include:

  • keeping on top of the latest legislation
  • staying ahead of the game with the latest changes in sustainability and innovative methods of construction
  • making sure the basics are being covered in Health & Safety training – whilst looking at best practice
  • finding the right skills their businesses need
  • managing the growth of business profitability.

BigSkills will promote a wide range of ConstructionSkills’ products and services, designed to work together to support industry.

Over the next year the campaign will cover 10 ways in which small and medium sized enterprises can improve their business:

  • training plans
  • apprenticeships
  • experienced worker assessment
  • card schemes
  • publications
  • technical & professional
  • management & leadership
  • Health & Safety
  • sustainability
  • business performance improvement.

To learn more information about BigSkills and how we can help you better please visit

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