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Teachers experience Education for Employability by taking on Construction Jobs

ConstructionSkills in Northern Ireland is supporting a unique Teacher Placement Project, Education for Employability, developed by the Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA).

ConstructionSkills in Northern Ireland has given ten teachers the opportunity to spend three days working in various roles within the construction industry from bricklaying to architecture.

Vivienne Bannon, Education for Employability, CCEA, commented: “The teachers that complete these placements have a unique opportunity to gain an insight into employment and the skills that are required in various fields of work.  They can bring real experiences back to the classroom and allow the world of construction to come to life for their pupils.”

Teachers from schools in Dungannon and Cookstown, Newry and Mourne, Greater Belfast and Coleraine have been leading the way and championing Education for Employability.

Lagan Construction, Felix O’Hare, Farrans, Henry Bros, O’Neill Bros, Conway Builders and McCann Bros Seskinore are some of the companies that have been offering their knowledge and experience of the industry to the teachers.

Catherine McGeady, ConstructionSkills in Northern Ireland said: “Education for Employability helps showcase the range of career options that exist within the construction industry and as the Sector Skills Council for Construction, it is important that we play our part in ensuring that the future workforce of Northern Ireland can meet the demands of the modern workplace.”

For more information about Education for Employability or to learn about how you can get involved please contact Catherine McGeady at

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Back L-R - Simon Groves(CCEA), Annie Millar, ConstructionSkills in NI,and Mike McLaughlin (Gilbert Ash)

Front - Paul Beaton (teacher) Wallace High

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