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ConstructionSkills announces its 5,000th NVQ on Vocational Qualifications Day

In the week that Vocational Qualifications (VQ) – the often overlooked bedrock of skills development in the UK – were highlighted by VQ Day (23 July), Dale Wiltshire, from Churngold Construction Ltd, was named the 5000th person to achieve an NVQ through ConstructionSkills and the ‘Train to Gain’ programme.

Bristol-based Churngold Construction is a professional groundwork and civil engineering company. The company has been undertaking training through the ’Train to Gain’ programme since 2006. More than 90 employees have gained an NVQ through this route, enabling them to upgrade their Construction Plant Certification Scheme (CPCS) cards.

Paul Lord, Training Manager, at Churngold Construction Ltd said: “We were really pleased to find out that Dale is the 5000th NVQ achiever through the ‘Train to Gain’ programme. Many of our staff have been undertaking training through the programme so it is great to see one of the team celebrate their success in this way on Vocational Qualifications Day.

“We put a really big emphasis on training for our employees, it is so important that people receive the right training and qualifications to provide them with the skills they need for a successful career in the industry and to help achieve a fully qualified workforce. The training our employees have gained through the Train to Gain programme has not only benefited our company, but also our sub-contractors and agency workers. We really appreciate the support and help from everyone involved in the programme from ConstructionSkills through to Filton College, Smarter Builder and Wyevern Training.”

Since Train To Gain’s inception less than two years ago ConstructionSkills has helped provide employers in East of England, London and South West with fast, easy access to fully funded training resulting in the landmark 5000th NVQ achievement. The success of these programmes has resulted in ConstructionSkills successfully negotiating a deal with the LSC to manage contracts across all 9 English LSC regions providing fully funded training for employers.

Tom McNeill, Contract Manager for ConstructionSkills, said: “In a sector such as our own, which generates almost 9% of UK GDP, we must ensure the industry commits to developing its workers’ skills. Churngold’s investment in Dale through the ‘Train to Gain’ programme is an excellent example of the value of investing in skills. It has enabled Dale to go from an NVQ Level 2 in form work to a gain an NVQ Level 3, and this year he will now be put forward for a Supervisors / Managers NVQ.

“We are extremely pleased to have been working with the LSC and the other training providers during the past two years to offer companies fully funded training through the ‘Train to Gain’ programme. It is great to see that so many people have benefited from the training and we plan to continue supporting these, and many other companies and provide them with first class training into the future.”

Earlier this year, ConstructionSkills announced that more than 1,000 construction companies – with over 60,000 employees between them – have signed up to the Government’s Skills Pledge, making construction the leading sector in demonstrating its commitment to training. The Pledge is a voluntary commitment to support all employees to develop their basic skills, including literacy and numeracy, and work towards relevant, valuable qualifications to at least NVQ Level 2.

Speaking at the VQ day celebration event, Skills Secretary, John Denham said:

"In the coming years we want apprenticeships and other accredited vocational courses to be seen alongside university as a great way to get on and secure the best jobs, the best careers and the best life chances.”

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