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Repair and Refurbishment - An essential guide to health and safety for the smaller building firm

Publication Code – GE715DVD

Price - £99.00 List Price / £78.00 Levy Registered Price

Repair and Refurbishment is a comprehensive multimedia guide to health and safety for construction firms involved in repairing and refurbishing both domestic and commercial buildings. Produced to conform with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, the DVD portrays real construction personnel and clients in live situations, highlighting effective health and safety practices from the pre-planning stage through to delivery.

The programme is designed for:

  • small to medium-sized businesses working in the building and construction industries or otherwise involved in the construction process
  • associated professions such as architects, surveyors and engineers who also have legal duties under construction legislation
  • larger organisations who want to reinforce learning amongst their employees or contractors
  • new recruits or people who are interested in a career in the sector
  • training organisations or colleges who might use it as a stand alone programme or as part of an integrated learning approach.

More details can be found on the ConstructionSkills website. To order your copy please contact the Publications Department on 01485 577800 quoting code ‘GE715DVD’ .

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