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ConstructionSkills in move to save threatened Apprenticeships

In an attempt to save apprentices who have been threatened by the economic downturn, ConstructionSkills has set up an apprenticeship matching service to reemploy apprentices who have been made redundant as part of the economic downturn.

The move from ConstructionSkills came following John Denham, Secretary of State for Skills announcement that the Government would safeguard the housebuilding sector during these difficult times.

As the Sector Skills Council for construction, the training of new entrants to the industry is crucial and the ConstructionSkills Apprenticeship Matching Service plays an invaluable role in providing a rapid response service for ConstructionSkills Apprentices facing redundancy.

In the first instance ConstructionSkills Advisors will continue to offer a range of advice and support services to encourage employers to retain their existing apprentices. In less than a month, ConstructionSkills has found new placements for 19% of the apprentices who were made redundant last month.

In addition the Government has outlined its plans to improve the quality and expand the number and range of apprenticeships available for young people as detailed in a Draft Apprenticeship Bill, currently going through the final stages of consultation.

The Bill outlines the role of the new National Apprenticeship Service (NAS), which will enable employers to advertise apprenticeship vacancies through a national portal, and will help young people and adults interested in apprenticeships to understand the range and diversity of opportunities that exist.

ConstructionSkills has recently responded to the official consultation on the Bill. It supports the general thrust of what is being proposed but warns that the construction sector already has a well developed model for delivering apprenticeships and duplicating this through the National Apprenticeship Service would be confusing for employers.

Employers, apprentices and their parents affected by the current downturn should phone the ConstructionSkills Matching Service on 0844 875 0086 for further information. ConstructionSkills response to the Apprenticeship Bill

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