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ConstructionSkills seeks Sector Skills Council relicence

ConstructionSkills, the construction industry’s Sector Skills Council, has applied to undergo the Government’s rigorous process to secure relicensing. This process will ensure that ConstructionSkills can continue its work to broker a better deal for industry and deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified UK construction workforce.

ConstructionSkills is a partnership between the Construction Industry Council, CITB- Northern Ireland and CITB-ConstructionSkills, working together to represent the entire construction workforce across England and in the devolved nations. A licence to operate as a Sector Skills Council was awarded to ConstructionSkills in 2003, allowing it to operate in nine English regions and in all devolved nations. Since that time it has enjoyed a number of significant successes, including:

    ● The development of seven National Skills Academy for Construction projects in England to help deliver specialist training on site – including the Olympic sites

    ● The development of the Welsh Baccalaureate

    ● The introduction of the new Construction and the Built Environment Diploma in England

    ● The roll-out of the Construction Ambassador programme in Northern Ireland,

    ● The development of the professional Coaching Scheme and the expansion of the Learn Direct and Build partnership in Scotland, which brings together universities to provide online learning solutions for the construction industry.

Over time, the UK Government has given Sector Skills Councils increasing levels of influence over skills policy, qualification reforms and the provision and delivery of learning. Besides its Sector Skills Council role, ConstructionSkills also has Industry Training Board status, which means that it is able to provide a wide range of complementary products and services for the industry.

As part of the relicensing process, ConstructionSkills and its partners will welcome auditors from the National Audit office and provide evidence to show how the Sector Skills Council has delivered its Sector Skills Agreement. It will also provide a full report on how it will continue to deliver value for the industry if a new licence is awarded.

If you would like to find out more about the relicensing process, or would like to register your views about how ConstructionSkills works and how it can continue to represent your interests, please visit

For an overview of ConstructionSkills’ work to date, download the Progress and Plans document at

To keep up to date with all the latest news on what ConstructionSkills is doing and find out more about how your company can get involved in helping secure the future of the UK construction industry register for the Skills Update.

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