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ConstructionSkills - a new name to reflect an increased service to the sector

CITB-ConstructionSkills is to be officially known as ‘ConstructionSkills’, as Sector Skills Council status and a modernisation programme bring the industry the ‘best of both worlds’…

CITB-ConstructionSkills became a Sector Skills Council (SSC) partner three years ago. Increasingly, more and more of the work undertaken is SSC work, underpinned by the levy, therefore removing ‘CITB’ from the name is a reflection of the wider remit of work carried out.

As an organisation, being a Sector Skills Council supported by ITB status and levy is good news. It offers greater funding opportunities because of the increased influence with government and it gives customers the best of both worlds: being able to influence government policy and funding on their behalf, while the levy enables delivery on the ground for ‘in-scope’ employers.

The move to ConstructionSkills is not a change in direction, but the next step in an ongoing transition towards a more modern and ‘customer focussed’ organisation, through a modernisation programme to improve efficiencies and effectiveness. The aim is for this progression to lead to ConstructionSkills activities, such as promoting careers in construction, managing apprentices, training specialists and providing qualification and certification services, being self financing without needing support from the levy. The ultimate aim is that 100% of the levy can be paid out in grants to employers.

Sir Michael Latham, Chairman, ConstructionSkills said; “We’ve made good progress on our journey to becoming ConstructionSkills, but can’t afford to stay where we are. It’s now more important than ever to build on this progress and increase the value we return to our industry.

He continued; “As ConstructionSkills we can capitalise on our broad scope – from professional services to the self-employed, and wide geographical reach – across Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales as well as England. There are huge rewards in being a leading SSC, and I am confident that together in partnership we will succeed”.

To ensure this transition is managed efficiently and cost effectively, it will be a gradual process of renewal, for example, reprinting materials using the ConstructionSkills logo as old materials run out. The ConstructionSkills logo has already been used on much of the literature over the last three years.

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