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ConstructionSkills’ Arkwright Scholars Wow at NCC Event

The Arkwright Scholarships are aimed at students entering their A-level studies who intend to go on to university to study one of the many disciplines in Technology, Engineering or Design. The prestigious Arkwright Scholarships reward flair and originality in solving Engineering Design problems. By supporting 8 Arkwright scholars in their Highers/A-Level years, ConstructionSkills aims to encourage the best of the nation's young engineering talent into the construction industry. The students that ConstructionSkills sponsored this year were given an insight into the construction industry in a week long event at NCC East.

Emily Farmer, Scholar

“From the course I gained not just something useful to put on a UCAS form, but also taking part in a project that was genuinely interesting, challenging and really relevant to all of us on the course, whether we were interested in architecture, engineering or other areas of construction.”

The students had an extremely busy week. They were asked to create a presentation on a development plan for university housing in teams of three. They had to give consideration to the:

  • Environment – the building had to be environmentally friendly and use sustainable materials;
  • Economics – the build had to be affordable – with a maximum cost of £60,000 per unit;
  • Social aspects – such as sports facilities, communal areas, location and transport.

This work had to be fitted into a very busy schedule of employer site visits, as well as learning presentation and interview skills. The final presentations were outstanding – the panel of employers and CITB-ConstructionSkills Senior Managers attending were very impressed by all the submissions.

James Ellis, Partnering Manager, Mansell

“The students were very responsive, keen and interested. They seemed to grasp very quickly the issues and problems involved. I was more than impressed by their confidence and all round ability. I thoroughly enjoyed my two days that I spent with them. Many thanks for asking us to be involved I feel it was very rewarding for both the students and the employers.”

For construction to successfully recruit and retain the brightest and the best of today’s young people, ConstructionSkills needs to work with 5-19 year olds, schools, colleges and careers advisers. However, responsibility also lies with employers - to ensure that the industry these young people join is an exciting and rewarding one which offers real career progression. The Arkwright Scholarships and the NCC Event are part of the work we do alongside our regional teams of education advisers and Positive Image advertising campaigns to attract the best quality recruits to enter the industry, and to gather them from as diverse a pool of talent as possible.

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