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What's in the news?

Young People Challenged to Construct the Best Film

National Construction Week (NCW), 6-13 October, launches with an innovative online film competition for young people.

RUconstructive ( has been designed to encourage young people aged 11-16 to study the built environment around them and to develop their understanding of the jobs and processes that go into creating it.

Competition entrants can either win an iPod for themselves or a DVD Recorder for their school by:

  • Creating a film about the buildings they most like and dislike in their geographical area (11-13 year olds/Years 7-9)
  • Creating an advertisement for construction careers aimed at their peers (14-16 year olds/Years 10-11)

The RUconstructive website also features a teacher’s brief, linking the competition to the national curriculum for a variety of subjects so it can be used as a teaching tool. And young people entering the competition will find a bank of practical and creative tips on how to film safely and imaginatively.

“National Construction Week is a great opportunity to energise and enthuse the next generation of construction workers at all levels – the people who will design and build the future,” said Paul Sykes, head of recruitment at ConstructionSkills.

“The RUconstructive competition is a fun and exciting way to help young people learn about the construction industry,” he added. “And we are hoping that girls as well as boys will be inspired to enter the competition, as women are under-represented in the industry, despite having a lot of the right skills and attributes for many of the careers in construction.”

To find out more about how to enter the RUconstructive competition, or how this could fit into the national curriculum, go to or contact . You can also read the full press release for further details.

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