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What's in the news?

Building a Lasting Future - Launch of the Strategic Plan for Sustainable Construction

Would you like to know what the construction industry is doing about sustainability – the action it’s taking now as well as its plans for tomorrow?

Would you like to see what we have done to grab hold of the sustainability issue and put together practical tools that make it easy and profitable for construction firms to implement?

Would you like to meet some of the key figures within the Government, major employers, clients and the investor communities and find out why sustainability in construction is one of their priorities?

If any of these questions chime with you then please register for our event which takes place on Thursday 1 December (10.30-2.30) at the Thomas Telford Theatre, One Great George Street London SW1. There we will be hosting an event to launch “Build to Last”. This is the construction industry’s programme to make sustainability the norm within 10 years.

The Build to Last Programme sets out the priorities for action by all in the sector and is intended as a rallying call to those who can make a difference. To register visit:

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