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ConstructionSkills Widen Consultation To Help Make Project-Specific Training a Reality

On-site, tailor-made solutions to construction skills and training challenges are poised to become a reality thanks to a new initiative called the National Skills Academy for Construction (NSAfC).

The National Skills Academy, launching in September on two major project sites, one in Thames Gateway and the other in Liverpool, is designed to overcome the challenges of training a mobile workforce.

In a sector made up of large numbers of very small firms and sole traders, unable to commit, on an individual basis, to the costs of training, but who come together to form different parts of the supply chain on major projects, the concept of the National Skills Academy is a welcome one in the aim of achieving a fully qualified workforce.

So far there have been a series of initial workshops to help develop various working detail of the Academy and we are now widening this consultation to support us in developing our ideas on how to best assess work-based training undertaken through the Academy.

We are asking key industry stakeholders including assessors, employers of assessors in construction, colleges and private training providers, industry employers, their clients and funders as well as awarding bodies to answer a five minute survey to be fed into the final Academy structure.

Historically low completion rates have hindered the success of work-based learning and this has been attributed in part to poor investment in developing the knowledge and skills of assessors within the sector. The survey aims to understand the challenges faced when assessing work-based training and gauge how the industry would like to address them. The results will inform Project Training and Development Plans, created to ensure relevant, timely and quality assured training and assessment for the lifetime of each project.

Sheila Hoile, CITB-ConstructionSkills Director of Skills Strategy, explains: “The Academy’s vision is for the industry to have high performing centres of work-based training as the norm, building on best practice models. This Academy is not about a one-off capital investment in a static building, but will consolidate a series of existing assets, best practice principles and innovative training techniques from around the industry. It will give employees real work experience in real time in the real world, a priceless asset to any employer.”

You have a vital role to play in informing how future candidates learn industry skills. Please let us know what you think and take five minutes to fill out our survey.

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