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What's in the news?

£114 million to help make your business better

Construction companies of all sizes looking to develop their workforce and improve their business through good quality training will be able to access a record £114million in grants in the 2006/2007 Grants Scheme year from CITB-ConstructionSkills.

The record investment in training grants reflects the need for the construction industry to develop a more robust, competitive edge to ensure growth is not compromised by a lack of qualified, skilled workers.

The 2006/2007 CITB Grants Scheme has been produced following extensive industry consultation and work has been done to simplify the Scheme and make it more accessible to employers. Significantly, of the £114m available this year, grants to encourage firms to adopt a more systematic approach to training and developing their people have been increased in value, to reflect the fact that employers benefit from this longer term approach to training. With a Training and Development Plan in place, firms can claim grants for training in many disciplines that benefit their business, from construction-based programmes to computer skills, accountancy and customer service.

The variety of CITB Grants available is indicative of the diversity of the construction industry and covers key initiatives such as qualifying existing workers, improving health and safety, and training new recruits, underlining the fact that all areas of industry can be improved by investment in training.

Head of Finance at CITB-ConstructionSkills, Douglas Matthews, said: “With demand for construction soaring and a huge range of projects underway throughout the UK, training has never been more vital. It’s also not just for the big firms – recent figures have shown that not investing in training could cost smaller businesses £1,700 per year through materials errors, skills shortages and on-site accidents.”

“With our Company Development Advisers based across England, Scotland and Wales and £114million in grant support available, there’s never been a better time to consider your firm’s training needs and to make the most of the support on offer. It’s good for your businesses reputation and it’s good for industry as a whole.”

In the 2005 financial year (Jan to Dec) 19,616 companies applied for grants to help with their training costs and were allocated a share of £107m. Most popular support included grants for Training and Development Plans, which enable employers to develop and implement a structured approach to the training and development of their workforce; and the Health and Safety Test grant, which rewards firms when their employees pass the CITB-ConstructionSkills’ Health and Safety Test at an approved test centre.

Christine Armour, Angel Interiors UK Ltd said “We claim CITB Grant to help fund our training, and as a result we get well-trained, highly able staff – and we retain them too, as they are happy that we are investing in their skills and careers.”

A booklet summarising this year’s grants has been mailed to all construction employers registered with CITB-ConstructionSkills, along with information on the benefits of training and the types of support on offer. For example, firms can receive advice on how training can benefit their business and the CITB Grant available to support this by contacting staff at their local CITB-ConstructionSkills office.

Download the full details & conditions of the grants available. The web version of the 2006/07 Grants available will be published on the website on 1st August at

Read the full press release for more information 29kb PDF file.

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