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What's in the news?

ConstructionSkills uses online gaming to turn young people on to industry

ConstructionSkills has gone interactive in order to encourage young people to consider a career in construction. A number of online games have been created and are running on popular teen websites in the latest initiative from the ConstructionSkills Positive Image recruitment campaign.

The games have been designed to showcase the range of skills involved in construction careers, from bricklaying, plastering and project management to quick thinking, analytical skills, logic and good hand-eye coordination. Playing the game will then lead young people to visit the ConstructionSkills website, where they can find out more about a career in the industry.

Screenshot of Weebles game

The games are up and running on teen chat community site Dubit, gaming site Freeloader and Weebls-stuff. The first game to go live on Weebls-stuff has already proved to be a big hit: in its first two weeks online it generated nearly 85,000 game plays and 6,600 click-throughs to the

Screenshot of Dubit 3D Chat

The Dubit game allows users to construct a unique chat room to their own specification, using design and project management skills, as would be required on a construction project. Teenagers can try their hand at creating everything from stately manors to landscaped gardens and mysterious landscapes with the construction toolkit, and even invite other online chatters to admire their handiwork.

Gamers can also make their mark on the online environment with Freeloader's Bloc Smart, where players must gather different materials on a construction site then use their judgement to create a building in the right order. Bloc Smart illustrates the range of jobs in a construction team - forget the scaffolding, miss out your foundations or bring your architect onboard at the wrong stage and it's back to square one.

Screenshot of Bloc Smart game

The games can be accessed at:

Read the full press release for further information.

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