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Lost without the landmark

Two-thirds (65%) of British people wouldn’t know where they were without iconic landmarks such as Blackpool Tower, The Gherkin or the Liver Building, according to research from ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry.

Famous cityscapes and well-known local areas featured in the UK-wide research. The questions challenged people to identify a location from images with a key structure removed. Just 35% of respondents succeeded in recognising the areas when landmarks such as the Tyne Bridge, or Cardiff Millennium Centre, were missing. In contrast, recognition of the same scene with the landmark present doubled to 70%.

Can you tell which famous landmark is missing?

Nationally, the UK’s most recognisable landmark is the London Eye, with 98% of people able to recognise it at first glance. Less than half of the respondents (41%) knew London’s South Bank without it. The London Eye is also the landmark which has had the greatest impact in bestowing an identity on its location, with an increase of 58% of people recognising the area once they saw it.

People fared better when it came to familiarity with their own backyards, with just over half of us (55%) able to recognise a local area without a landmark in the scene, however with a familiar structure present, the number of people who correctly identified their own region soared to 83%.

Paul Sykes, Recruitment Manager at CITB-ConstructionSkills stated: “In conducting this research, we wanted to inspire in people an appreciation of their built environment and the impact it has on their perception of ‘place’. It really illustrates how a career in construction allows people to ‘make their mark’. The survey was carried out as part of our Positive Image marketing campaign which aims to encourage more quality recruits into the construction industry.”

Read the full press release for full details.

Image of Blackpool tower

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