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Cluster Group ensures Olympic build has the right skills in place

Built Environment Skills Alliance signs Memorandum of Agreement to ensure skills needs are met for the Olympic build.

The Skills for Business London 2012 Infrastructure and Facilities Cluster Group conference, attended by Phil Hope MP, Under Secretary of State for Education and Skills, has taken place confirming the industry’s shared vision for meeting the Olympic build skills challenge.

The event enabled the Cluster Group to celebrate early successes and to provide strategic direction for the Olympic build and beyond, with particular focus on the Olympic’s legacy and Sustainable Communities. The Cluster Group also looked at how the skills commitment could be shared - improving the way the group engages with industry.

Opening the evening’s ceremonies, Sir Michael Latham, Chairman of ConstructionSkills noted: “This event highlights not only our early successes, but also demonstrates the importance of working together. It is through strength of partnership that we’re going to see the delivery of major projects, such as the Olympics, through with success.”

Phil Hope, who gave a keynote speech on the government’s commitment to the development of skills and lifelong learning, said: "I am pleased to see how this collaborative approach from Sector Skills Councils is helping to deliver our ambitions for the 2012 Olympics. This model will help us to get the right skills in the right place at the right time. The 'Building One Stop Shop' and the National Skills Academy for Construction, led by employers and supported by Government, are set to play a key part in the development of skills and facilities needed for the Games and beyond, and I am confident we're forging ahead in the right direction."

The evening also witnessed the Built Environment Skills Alliance (BESA) signing its Memorandum of Agreement to ensure skills needs are met for the industry by promoting careers within the built environment, to ensure consistency and co-ordination, addressing policy and technical issues relating to the development and implementation of standards, qualifications, specialised lines of learning and apprenticeship frameworks.

Simon Bartley, Chairman, SummitSkills, one of six member bodies in BESA, stated: “The signing of the Memorandum of Agreement signifies BESA’s commitment to partnership as it address the skills agenda for the built environment and our development in a shared vision for a framework that will support productivity and lead to improved skills and performance across the built environment.

”The BESA members agree that in order to focus the activities and resources they will need a Memorandum of Agreement to clearly define the collaborative action aimed at supporting improved skills and performance.”

The Cluster Group will report to Phil Hope on a quarterly basis and will be supported by an officer of the Sector Skills Development Agency.

For further information, please read the full press release.

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