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What's in the news?

ConstructionSkills driving change in Sustainability

As the Sector Skills Council for the construction industry, ConstructionSkills aims to provide the strategic leadership necessary to support the industry to become more sustainable.

We are currently developing a plan to address skills needs and actions to overcome barriers to change for sustainable development over the next ten years – ConstructionSkills Strategic Plan for Sustainability Skills. We are bringing a number of key stakeholders together on 13 July 2005 to confirm this plan and discuss its implementation. At the meeting, we aim to gain a broad consensus of the plan and the commitment of partners to help deliver the plan.

We are particularly keen to hear your views on who can contribute to the delivery of this programme. If your organisation can help to deliver this plan in a leading or supporting capacity, take a look at the plan (108kb PDF file) and let us know how before 13 July - by contacting .

What progress has been made so far?

Last year, CITB-ConstructionSkills commissioned a top-line review (Build to last – Reviewing Sustainable Construction 2004), of the main drivers and barriers to change for sustainable development and what that change looks like for the construction sector.

CITB-ConstructionSkills used the information from this review in consultation seminars, presentations, a survey and finally, a stakeholder workshop (Nov 2004) to gauge industry and partner views on its findings and on the way forward. Our report details some key priorities for action, set out in the strategic plan, over the coming years under four main themes:

  • Developing a better understanding of sustainability – what it means in practice
  • Lobbying to create a climate for change – to balance legislative pressure and commercial advantage
  • Skills development (across the sector) – to translate the words into action
  • Creation and communication of best practice – to speed up the change process

One part of the delivery of the strategic plan is the Sustainability Skills Matrix for the Built Environment. This matrix was developed by the Sustainability Forum’s Skills Working Group (chaired by ConstructionSkills) and is a high level framework that will be used by ConstructionSkills and others to map existing competences, identify skills gaps, measure industry progress in sustainability skills development and assist in future joint working. We anticipate that it will also facilitate a coherent approach to sustainability skills development in the built environment.

To discuss getting involved or to comment on the content of the report please contact .

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