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Research provides us with all the facts about the industry. One of ConstructionSkills' key performance targets is to become the definitive source of information on UK construction, its skills and its training needs. This contributes towards the evidence that we need to make strategic decisions and allocate resources.
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We produce annual forecasts and analyses of 'skills demand' in the industry on a national and regional basis. In addition, we have a regular programme of research aimed at identifying the skills needed to improve the industry's competitiveness.
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The Construction Skills Network brings together, in one place, information from many differing sources. Government departments, regional agencies and companies can all use this resource to confidently plan future skills' needs.
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Futureskills is an online directory of trends in the construction industry. It is designed to help employers, manufacturers, training providers and clients keep up-to-date with the changes affecting the skills' needs of the construction industry.
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