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The Construction Skills Network engages key stakeholders around a central Forecasting Model aimed at the entire industry and its customers. It analyses capacity, productivity and skills. To do this, we have made radical changes to our Employment and Training Forecasting Model.

What will it do?

We are using the model to predict future employment and training requirements across a range of occupations and trades. Our Network will then challenge any assumptions used in the modelling process. The Network will also inform the Model with up-to-date views and opinions on construction and related economic issues.

Who is involved?

The Construction Skills Network is being co-ordinated by ConstructionSkills. Management consultants Davis Langdon are developing the process supporting the Model, while Experian are running the Model itself.

How does it work?

Three types of group factor into the Construction Skills Network. These are:

  • Observatory Groups
  • The National Group
  • The Technical Reference Group

The Observatory Groups, and The National Group, include representatives from Government, education and the construction industry. Together, they help identify and feed into the current model and prospective skills’ needs in the area.

Initially Regional and National groups review and test commonly held assumptions and forecasts within the construction industry. For this they use current data, research and intelligence related to skills and productivity.

A process of feedback, cross-analysis and re-assessments, on both regional and national levels, produces a UK-wide Model. By throwing up real issues, we can plan far more effectively, hone our skills’ needs and target investment.

What will the result be?

The result is a single set of authoritative forecasts, scenarios and findings, all taking into account specialist, sectoral and regional differences.

When will this happen?

Formal publication of forecasts and reports will happen annually. However members will benefit from an iterative and dynamic process whereby data is available throughout the year. We envisage holding at least two observatory meetings per year in each region. The National and Technical Groups are expected to meet at least twice a year.

Where do I go for further information

For more information on the Construction Skills Network, or details for how you can become involved, please contact

Construction Skills Network Model Flowchart

Construction Skills Network Model Flowchart

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