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National and Regional Reports

Our highly acclaimed research and reports provide detailed analysis of the industry at all levels, both nationally and regionally. This translates to vital information for anyone involved with, or making use of, construction in the UK.

Click on the following links to find out more about a report and download a copy.

National reports

'Build to Last' Reviewing Sustainable Construction - Executive Summary
’Build to last’ Workshop report

Construction Apprentices Survey

Effect of Employment Status on Investment in Training

Employers’ Skills Needs Survey

Innovation, Skills and Productivity 2002/2003

Managing Profitable Construction - The Skills Profile 2000

Market Assessment

National Employer Skills Survey 2003 summary for ConstructionSkills

Scottish Construction Skills Survey 2003

Skills Foresight Report

Skills Foresight Workshop Report

Skills Needs Analysis

Traditional Building Craft Skills Research - England 2005

Traditional Building Craft Skills Research - England 2008

Traditional Building Craft Skills Research - Scotland 2007

Traditional Building Craft Skills Research - Wales 2007

Trainee Numbers Survey

UK Built Heritage Sector Professionals 2008: Current Skills, Future Training

Workforce Mobility and Skills and the UK Construction Sector

Regional reports

Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Construction Contractors and Consultants and the Factors Affecting their Development within the Social Housing Sector in Wales
Labour Market Intelligence Reports 2006

Regions & Nations Action for Skills Documents

Regional & National Workforce Mobility and Skills in the UK Construction Sector

Deconstructing Barriers – 2007 North West Diversity Report

Download the Blueprint for UK Construction
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Construction Industry Council
CITB Northern Ireland

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