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Traditional Building Craft Skills: England 2008 Review

by the National Heritage Training Group

A shortage of skilled craftspeople throughout the UK highlighted the need for a coordinated strategy to ensure that these skills are available now and in the future. This led in 2002 to the formation of the National Heritage Training Group (NHTG), which has a UK-wide remit to implement a coherent strategy for training and skills provision, to meet the demands of the built heritage sector. Its membership is composed of heritage bodies, employers groups, contractors, Trades Unions and FE and private training providers.

This Skills Needs Analysis report, commissioned by the NHTG and funded by the Sector Skills Development Agency, ConstructionSkills and English Heritage, reviews and evaluate the impact of the work of the NHTG in addressing the skills shortage identified in the first-ever NHTG Skills Needs Analysis of the built heritage sector, published in 2005.

As well as providing up-to-date statistical data for traditional building craft skills in England, the report enables the NHTG to measure and improve the effectiveness of its strategic planning and tactical delivery.

The research objectives were to:

  • Develop comprehensive traditional building craft skills research for the built heritage sector.
  • Identify current supply and demand of skilled labour in the sector, and identify specific skills shortages by craft occupation.
  • Assess the traditional building materials supply chain.
  • Reassess current levels of training provision and identify areas of specific training need.
  • Review current careers promotion for the sector.
  • Assess the level of progress that has been made against the Skills Action Plan in the 2005 report.
  • Update the Skills Action Plan and provide recommendations to address and adapt to new issues, and measure the performance within an agreed timetable.
  • Identify synergies within the supporting network in terms of resources and opportunities for partnering.

The approach to the research was similar to the previous study, so the new data would be fully comparable with that from the first study. However, since the 2005 report, similar research has been undertaken in Scotland (2007) and Wales (2007), and improvements in methodology from these studies have been incorporated into the approach to this current research.

The findings are crucial in providing evidence to meet the requirements of Target 14 in the Funding Agreement between the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and English Heritage.

Download Traditional Building Craft Skills: England 2008 Review:

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