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National and Regional Reports

Action for Skills

ConstructionSkills has produced Action for Skills publications for each English region, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The documents provide a snapshot of the construction industry in the regions/nations and the progress being made to address skills issues for the industry. They include information on ConstructionSkills’ progress at a national level and how collaborative activities in the regions/nations are supporting the industry in addressing the key challenges of:

  • Shaping up the industry’s business performance
  • Brushing up the industry’s existing skills
  • Stepping up the quality of qualified new entrants

The Action for Skills publications for 2006 focused on the Construction Sector Skills Agreement and highlighted partnership activities in the regions/nations which are supporting delivery against the Sector Skills Agreement priorities.


East Midlands 237kb PDF file
East of England
270kb PDF file
Greater London
324kb PDF file
North East
278kb PDF file
North West
320kb PDF file
Northern Ireland
332 PDF file
246kb PDF file
South East
278kb PDF file
South West
340kb PDF file
277kb PDF file
Wales (Welsh Version)
274kb PDF file
West Midlands
241kb PDF file
Yorkshire & Humber
273kb PDF file

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