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Innovation, Skills and Productivity 2002/03

In 2002/03 CITB-ConstructionSkills continued its foresight dialogue, extending it to address innovations in construction techniques and their impact on productivity. This report is a reflection of the sector's opinion on innovation and as such illustrates the market conditions in which those promoting innovation operate.

The research took the form of a literature review followed by a consultation exercise comprising a panel of fifty employers (drawn from public and private sector clients, contractors, professionals, suppliers and subcontractors), three half-day employer workshops and ten in-depth interviews with leading practitioners.

Innovation, Skills and Productivity 2002/3

The report concludes that:

  • Whilst much innovation is being undertaken the adoption of this innovation is variable, and even those who are committed to innovation see barriers to its adoption.
  • There exists considerable scope for innovation in the way companies and programmes are managed, as well as technical innovation in the way buildings are designed, constructed and fitted out.
  • There are strong arguments for increasing the level of innovation and equally strong arguments for not doing so. Section 3 further explores these arguments from the perspective of the industry practitioner and asks the question whether the construction sector has the right ingredients for innovation

In essence, the study shows that the widely accepted view of innovation as the successful commercial exploitation of new ideas translates into two strategies: doing things better and doing things differently. The construction industry has opportunities to adopt both strategies.

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Download report:

Innovation, Skills and Productivity 2002/3 1,103kb PDF file

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