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Managing Profitable Construction

In 1999, (then) CITB measured the skills of senior managers of leading construction companies in a number of areas, these being: winning contracts, managing the delivery of those contracts, planning the future of the business and managing employees, customers and suppliers. Also, their skills were related to the performance of their employer and the training provided. This report sets out the findings of the study and shows the influence of skills on performance.

The study found that:

The construction industry requires new skills to deal with changes that are forecast in markets, technology and construction techniques; today's skills will not make tomorrow's profits

There are significant differences in both performance and skills. Companies with higher skills levels are more profitable, complete more projects on time and have more satisfied customers than those with lower skills levels

Training drives up skills, which in turn drives up the performance of the company

In essence, the study has shown that one difference between high and average performance is the skills level of the management team.

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Managing Profitable Construction – The Skills Profile 278kb PDF file

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