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Skills Foresight Report 2003

This Skills Foresight Report is the latest in a series of annual labour market publications from CITB dating back to 1998. Originally called Construction Employment and Training Forecasts the reports have evolved each year but still retain the core analysis of the Construction Industry’s skill requirements. This year the scope of the report has been widened in order to meet the requirements of CITB’s new status as a Sector Skills Council (SSC). With our partners the Construction Industry Council (CIC) and CITB Northern Ireland we will operate in future under the name of ConstructionSkills. Consequently this year’s report contains new analysis from Northern Ireland and also of the Construction Professionals’ sector.

The contents of the report are drawn from a variety of sources and, importantly, have been the subject of a consultation exercise involving Representatives of the industry, academics and Government bodies both at the regional and national level. Each year a series of meetings is held to discuss the CITB Employment Model and proposed changes, the assumptions used and the results obtained, as well as the final report.

The Skills Foresight Reports have now been replaced by the Skills Needs Analysis Reports.

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Construction Employment and Training Forecast 2000 2mb PDF file
Construction Employment and Training Forecast 2001
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Skills Foresight Report 2002
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Skills Foresight Report 2003
1950kb PDF file

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