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Skills Foresight Workshops 2001 – Overview

In 2001 groups of senior managers met to discuss the future of construction. The 85 delegates who attended seven workshops were drawn from public and private sector clients, contractors, professionals, suppliers and sub-contractors. Some of the workshops consisted of delegates from just one of these groups, while others contained a mixture. This report sets out their views of the future of the industry, and the skills and changes needed to take it forward.

The report concludes that the construction industry of the future will be shaped by seven key stimuli: client demands, the economy, government intervention, construction methods, a need to improve the welfare of employees and the supply of appropriately skilled labour.

Following the conclusion of this study and in an effort to build on its success (then) CITB began developing a web-based forum/database for the presentation and discussion of related foresight issues. The Futureskills website was consequently launched in mid-2002 as a tool for unpacking and presenting industry trends in such a way that they could feed into the ongoing revision and development of qualifications, whilst simultaneously being open to peer-review.

The site was principally designed as an online directory of trends in the sector, however, it has more recently been developed to capture audience opinion. It has a weekly 'poll' and comment/discussion function.

Any queries or comments on this report should be addressed to .


Skills Foresight Workshops 2001 – The Skills for the Future of Construction 176kb PDF file

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