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Improving Business Performance
The construction industry must significantly improve its performance if it is to compete in the long term. We are providing the business skills and support it needs to grow, and to improve its profitability.
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To improve the skills base of the industry, it is vital to invest in training. Yet 75% of the industry is not doing so. This 75% is largely made up of small firms (SMEs) for whom training is not a priority. We need to convince them of the bottom-line business benefits of investing in training, and help them to deliver it more systematically.

One solution is to get more firms to adopt a Training & Development Plan, which can lead to recognition as an Investor in People.

Another way to solve the training problem is to streamline the business advice available to construction companies.

At the moment, employers who seek advice on improving business performance or sourcing training are faced with a host of support agencies. The advice they provide is often inappropriate for construction firms and consultancies, and the result is confusion.

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