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Qualifying the workforce
To ensure that we have a fully qualified workforce by 2010, we'll need to provide training courses for specialist trades, safely integrate migrant workers, and licence the 500,000 skilled workers who lack formal qualifications.
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  • A new route is being piloted to speed up the assessment process and increase the number of candidates an assessor can visit.
  • The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) contributed £10 million in 2003/4 to fund pilots to deliver 10,000 NVQs through OSAT.
  • The LSC agreed a £6 million extension of the successful OSAT pilot and we are discussing increasing the number of NVQs they support. This would require LSC OSAT funding to rise from £20 million a year in 2005 to £50 million a year by 2007. We are also developing pilots in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • Since 2001 our Qualifying the Workforce initiative has more than doubled (to over 700,000) the number of workers registered through the ConstructionSkills Certification Scheme, the ConstructionSkills Register in Northern Ireland and other affiliated schemes. Site audits show that 72% of workers on Major Contractors Group sites are now qualified.
  • All the federations remain committed to having a 100% qualified workforce by 2010.
  • The Major Home Builders Group of the top 12 house builders has decided to join the initiative, potentially bringing in around 200,000 further workers.
  • We are working with several major labour agencies to increase take up by self-employed tradesman.
  • As one of the industry’s largest clients, central and local government can help achieve a qualified workforce through tender specifications. Trades unions are working with some private clients to achieve this.
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