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Northern Ireland

Our progress in Northern Ireland

The Sector Skills Agreement (SSA) for the construction industry in Northern Ireland looks at aspects of current and future industry performance. It answers how this affects the skills and qualifications profile of the workforce. It analyses areas where action is needed to address skills gaps and shortages and makes broad recommendations as to how these issues might be addressed. Consultation and input from industry and key stakeholders has led to action plans for the full SSA for Northern Ireland.

The recommendations arising from the Sector Skills Agreement for Northern Ireland are:

• Improving Business Performance
Shaping up the business performance of the construction industry is essential for the survival of the sector in Northern Ireland. Employers need to see the business case for skills and how this will enable them to expand their business and improve their bottom line.

• Qualifying the Workforce
Brushing up the skills of the industry will go a long way to changing the old adage about good builders being hard to find. Less than half of firms undertake any form of training; as a result the industry has identified many skills gaps. The industry needs to change by encouraging its workforce to become skilled to the industry minimum – a relevant Vocational Qualification at Level 2 or equivalent.

• Recruiting New Entrants
13,000 new recruits will be needed by 2010 to meet demand. Ensuring the quality of these new entrants is essential and recruiting from the widest pool of talent possible will ensure the right mix of people with the right skills.

Successful implementation and delivery of the Sector Skills Agreement in Northern Ireland depends on the full participation and support of all stakeholders: government, employers and employer organisations, trade unions, education and training providers, and all major planning and funding agencies in the industry. Regular contact with these key stakeholders in Northern Ireland will ensure continuous involvement in and commitment to action plans that will deliver the recommendations outlined in the SSA.

Download a snapshot of: Northern Ireland 187kb PDF file.

Download The Full Sector Skills Agreement 349kb PDF file.

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