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North West

Our progress in the North West

Established in 2003, the North West Construction Sector Skills and Productivity Alliance is playing a leading role in identifying gaps and providing a co-ordinated response to the skills needs and productivity issues facing the region’s construction industry.

Driven by the North West Development Agency (NWDA), the Alliance brings together a wide range of strategic partners that include ConstructionSkills, SummitSkills, AssetSkills, the Learning and Skills Council (LSC), Regional Intelligence Unit, Jobcentre Plus, Business Link and the North West Universities Association.

Drawing on this broad base of local knowledge and expertise, the Alliance has provided the focal point for the development of the regional Sector Skills Agreement for Construction.

The regional SSA was launched in May 2005 alongside ‘Opening Doors’, a diversity handbook and a support matrix produced by the Alliance in direct response to employers’ needs.

Continuing its support for the regional construction industry and the SSA, in 2007 the Alliance will take on the additional role as the North West Regional Partnership for the National Skills Academy for Construction.

ConstructionSkills has also recently joined the Financial and Professional Services Sector Skills and Productivity Alliance. Through focusing on skills issues for professionals, this group is driving forward activities to support this part of the industry.

The collaborative actions in the SSA are monitored against key targets and are under regular review to ensure they keep pace with an ever-changing construction industry and its ever-changing skills demands.

Download a snapshot of: The North West 217kb PDF file.

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