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Our progress in Scotland

Through its Sector Skills Agreement, ConstructionSkills in Scotland is working with partners to identify gaps and provide a co-ordinated response to the skills needs and productivity issues facing the Scottish construction industry.

Setting the scene for the Scottish SSA for construction and reinforcing its priorities is the ‘Modernising Construction’ Agenda (Achieving Construction Innovation and Excellence in Scotland was published in 2003 by the Modernising Construction Strategic Group). This Agenda seeks to:

• Improve the industry’s performance

• Create a connected and innovative industry

• Achieve recognition of the industry’s contribution to Scotland

ConstructionSkills connects to the Agenda through membership of the Scottish Construction Forum.

Through close collaboration with industry, ConstructionSkills has developed a wide range of support for construction firms to engage in training and skills development of both new entrants and existing staff. Vital to this work is the support and full participation of Government partners, education and training providers and other agencies who are helping to ensure that the appropriate funding models and provision are in place. Exemplars of what can be achieved through partnership include work with Scottish Enterprise to deliver Training Plans and On-Site Assessment and Training (OSAT); and the development of a skills action plan with Highlands and Islands Enterprise to meet future construction spend in the area.

Programmes of work already under way are having a significant impact on recruitment and training within the industry, as well as helping to bring about improved performance and contribution to the Scottish economy. ConstructionSkills will look to build on this progress in order to achieve SSA targets.

Looking to the future, Scottish Enterprise has offered to work with ConstructionSkills to engage key stakeholders in exploring the wider strategic approaches needed to ensure that the industry is in a position to make its full contribution to the long-term vision for Scotland in terms of its people, economy and environment.

Download a snapshot of: Scotland 375kb PDF file.

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