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Our progress in Wales

The Welsh ministerial announcement on 30 March 2006 has set the scene for an approach to skills and learning within the construction sector that will support the drive for a future high-skill, high-employment economy for Wales.

During the course of 2006/7, ConstructionSkills is working with the Welsh Assembly Government Departments (Department of Education, Lifelong learning and Skills, Department for Enterprise, Innovation and Networks) to prepare and publish a strategy for the construction sector.

The strategy will focus particularly on raising skills and working together to meet the needs of businesses and learners. It will aim to:

• Improve forward planning and vision for the economic growth of the sector

• Move towards a more strategic and co-ordinated approach to the planning and supply of business support and learning provision that is responsive to the emerging needs of the sector

• Maximise opportunities, both social and economic, from the planned investment in construction projects across Wales

As part of this work, an additional five Sector Skills Agreements (as below) were signed on 9 November 2006 in the presence of the Minister for Education and Lifelong Learning, Jane Davidson AM and Chairman of ConstructionSkills, Sir Michael Latham DL, with the aim of increasing the number of companies investing in training, company development, and management and leadership skills with the end goal of meeting skills shortages by focusing on local employment and training projects.

• Constructing Excellence in Wales

• Welsh Federation of Housing Associations (WFHA)

• Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)

• BRE Wales

• Estyn

The collaborative actions in the Welsh SSA are monitored against key targets and will be under regular review to ensure they keep pace with an ever-changing construction industry and its ever-changing skills demands.

As a further result of the SSA and the Construction sector strategy we have secured funding for the delivery of OSAT.

The WAG are funding this support through their "Step Up Sector" for which ConstructionSkills is the first SSC to agree a pilot funding package. The total project value is £3.5 Million over three years, funding approximately 3000 OSAT NVQs at level 2 and 3. Eligible companies will be able to access training from the market in line with the needs identified within the Training Plan. The DELLS will support a maximum of 50% of the equivalent costs that it pays to the Training Provider.

Download a snapshot of: Wales 267kb PDF file.

Donwload a snapshot of Wales in Welsh 267kb PDF file.

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