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We need you to help develop a qualification you can depend on - the new Construction and the Built Environment Diploma

A new type of vocational qualification is coming. Specialised Diplomas are being developed to provide 14-19 year olds with a broad programme of applied and other learning, underpinned by essential skills. A Diploma is being developed for Construction and the Built Environment - meaning the sector will soon have a qualification that incorporates the skills that employers want.

The Construction and the Built Environment Diploma will combine practical skill development with theoretical and technical knowledge. Young people with the Diploma will have better skills, and a better insight into what the sector is like to work in. They will be more motivated when entering employment because they will already be equipped with the skills they need to help them get on.

The new Diplomas will comprise the best of current qualifications, including GCSEs and A levels, supplemented by new content to be identified with the help of employers like you.

The Diploma will be easy to recognise and understand, and valuable to employers who appreciate traditional qualifications, but who also feel that young people should have a broader grounding in the required skills, before joining their chosen sector.

The Construction and the Built Environment Diploma will start being taught in 2008. It will be delivered through local partnerships of schools, colleges and employers and will provide young people with the chance to study in a stimulating and ‘practical’ environment being taught by people with relevant and up to date skills. It aims to provide a real benefit to employers by providing them with trainees who have made an informed choice of career, and who have the much-needed skills, reducing recruitment and training costs, and ultimately staff turnover.

What will the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma provide

As an employer you will know that a young person with the Construction and Built Environment Diploma has mastered essential skills in English, Maths, Information Communication Technology, communications skills, team-working and sector-related subjects. You will know that a young person can apply these skills in work situations and has the kind of attitude to work which should make them successful.

For young people the Diploma will enable them to further their education and earn a qualification that is suited to their individual learning style. It will provide young people with the skills and knowledge they need to progress into employment, training and further or higher education, together with a qualification which is recognised and valued by you, a sector employer.

Get involved from the start

It is vital that the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma delivers the skills that employers – like you - in the industry need and want.

What do you want the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma to consist of? To get it right, we need you to get involved in the development of this new qualification.

Developing the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma

The Construction and the Built Environment Diploma is being developed by a Diploma Development Partnership led by five Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) but including employers, higher education, school and college and awarding-body representatives.

The Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) is working on the design principles and standards for the Diploma and will be responsible for accrediting the Diploma prior to it becoming available to be taught by schools, colleges and other providers.

You can find out more about the Construction and the Built Environment Diploma, the Diploma Development Partnership, what the Diploma will consist of and how it may be structured by visiting

Have your say and help lay the foundations for the future of the construction and the built environment.

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