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National Skills Academy
ConstructionSkills' vision is to establish a National Skills Academy for Construction ('the Academy') as a Centre of Excellence for Work Based Learning. The main focus of the Academy will be the establishment of project-based training centres on all major construction projects.

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How will the Academy work?

The Academy will consist of the following core components, forming a network which will deliver training on a project-by-project basis, responding to the specific skills needs of each:

  • Regional Partnerships will be established as a permanent partnership comprising of employers representatives, key Training Providers, Colleges, the RDA, Regional LSC, regional ConstructionSkills, JobCentre Plus and other stakeholders as required. The Regional Partnership will provide support to each of the major projects within its region. We need your help to further develop our ideas on the Regional Partnerships. .
  • Training and Education provided on a project by project basis within the Regional Partnerships. Project-based assessment and training based on the education and training needs identified by employers and provided via the network of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE), higher education and work based learning providers. We need your help to further develop our ideas on the Project Training and Development Plans.
  • An Academy Advisory Board consisting of representatives from the stakeholder community including employers charged with the managing and delivering the Academy. We need your help to further develop our ideas on the Quality Criteria for the Academy Advisory Board.
  • A National Centre consisting of:

      (1) An Assessor Faculty – This will act as a Centre of Excellence for Assessor best practice and Continuing Professional Development with the purpose of establishing and maintaining quality assurance standards for the delivery and assessment of work-based learning. We need your help to further develop our ideas on the Assessor Faculty.

      (2) A Centre for Innovation – This will harness the experience and expertise of parties involved in the delivery and assessment of training and development and sharing this knowledge amongst the Construction community. It is anticipated that the Centre will be mainly web-based and establish materials and information for the industry to access regarding the delivery of work based learning and assessment. The Centre of Innovation will also develop a capability or sharing resources to mutual benefit. We need your help to further develop our ideas on the Centre for Innovation.

      (3) A Residential Training Centre – Supporting companies, education and training organisations and individuals to share, develop and maintain their knowledge, skills and understanding in the field of work based learning.

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