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What is Sustainability Doing?
ConstructionSkills is a Sector Skills Council licensed by government to assist the Construction sector to build a more sustainable future.

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What is Sustainability Doing?

‘ConstructionSkills has developed an industry-wide programme that aims to support the sector’s development in making sustainable construction the industry norm within 10 years. Industry has worked with ConstructionSkills to identify priorities for action under four key themes:

Creating the climate for change

To influence Government, industry (from clients through to suppliers) and others to create the best ‘business climate’ for sustainable construction; balancing legislative ‘push’ with commercial ‘pull’ and removing structural barriers.

Creating the tools for change

To use current research/data and knowledge on sustainable development/construction to develop tools and supporting materials for the construction industry.

Encouraging and supporting change

To use national, regional and local networks to disseminate sustainable construction information, tools and other support to companies in the construction industry and, therefore, help them to take action.

Delivering the skills for change

To set the high level sustainability standards and qualifications for the construction industry and to coordinate the delivery of appropriate skills development and training based on their needs – to help turn words into practical action.

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